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Introducing Our Latest Moroccan Rug Collections, Designs, and Upcoming Events

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Exciting times are ahead for lovers of authentic Moroccan rugs! We’re thrilled to bring you updates on our freshest collections, innovative designs, and events you won’t want to miss.

1. The Berber Bliss Collection:

Drawing inspiration from the timeless patterns of the Atlas Mountains, our new Berber Bliss Collection showcases rugs handwoven by artisans, featuring symbolic motifs. Each rug tells a story, making it not just a piece for your floor but a conversation starter.

2. Geometric Elegance Designs:

Geometry and symmetry are the heartbeats of Moroccan design. Our Geometric Elegance series blends traditional patterns with contemporary colors, perfect for the modern home looking for a touch of Moroccan charm.

3. Hand-Dyed Wonders:

We’ve introduced a range of rugs that are hand-dyed using organic dyes derived from plants and minerals native to Morocco. These unique pieces add a splash of color and authenticity to any space.

4. Upcoming Artisan Workshops:

Join us this summer for interactive workshops where Moroccan rug-making artisans will showcase their craft. Dive deep into the art of rug weaving, dyeing, and pattern creation. Keep an eye on our events page for registration details!

5. Rug Showcase & Pop-Up Events:

We’re hitting the road! Over the next few months, we’ll be hosting pop-up events in various cities. This is your chance to see, feel, and experience our rugs up close. Follow our social media channels for dates and locations.

Conclusion: Our passion for Moroccan craftsmanship drives us to continuously curate and create pieces that resonate with both heritage and modernity. Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, thank you for making our journey so rewarding!

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