Bohemia Marrakech Rug Sizing Guide

Embrace Moroccan Tradition in Every Space Welcome to our rug sizing guide where tradition meets contemporary living. At Bohemia Marrakech, we understand that a Moroccan rug is more than just a floor covering; it’s a piece of art that tells a story and connects you to the rich heritage of Morocco.

The Living Room: A Gathering of Tradition and Comfort

Embrace the Heart of Your Home
The living room, or as we say in Morocco, the 'Majlis,' is where stories are shared, and traditions come alive. A Moroccan rug from Bohemia Marrakech not only grounds your furniture but also serves as a cultural centerpiece, inviting conversation and comfort.

Selecting a Grand 10'x14' Rug for Your Spacious Majlis

At Bohemia Marrakech, we recommend our 10’x14’ rugs for rooms at least 11.5x15.5 feet to ensure a luxurious spread. Allow a tasteful expanse of 18 to 36 inches of floor space bordering the rug to accentuate its grandeur. For an optimal layout, align the rug with your seating or bed areas, embracing utility over mere symmetry. This approach celebrates both function and Bohemia Marrakech’s dedication to artisanal beauty, transforming your living space into a Moroccan-inspired sanctuary.

The Ideal 9'x12' Rug for Your Spacious Living Quarters

A 9'x12' rug, curated by Bohemia Marrakech, perfectly complements a living room that's 12'x18' or more, effortlessly enclosing the majority of your furniture and decor for a cohesive appearance. Such dimensions are chosen with an open floor plan in mind, ensuring the rug acts as a central piece that brings together the various elements of your living space. It’s a testament to the Bohemia Marrakech ethos of creating a unified and inviting atmosphere through meticulously crafted

Selecting a Grand 10'x14' Rug for Your Spacious Majlis

For an 11'x13' space, or a tad larger, the 8'x10' rugs from Bohemia Marrakech are an impeccable fit, offering a balanced layout that complements an open floor plan. These dimensions are meticulously chosen to leave a pleasing 12"-18" border of floor space, framing the rug beautifully within your living area. This arrangement not only enhances the room's design but also echoes the intentional artistry of Bohemia Marrakech's Moroccan heritage.


Perfect Proportions: The Ideal 6'x9' Bohemia Marrakech Rug for Cozy Living Spaces

A Bohemia Marrakech 6'x9' rug is superbly suited for an 11'x13' living room or a more intimate setting, providing a generous 2-foot border of flooring on each side. This arrangement ensures the rug is proportionally centered, granting each space the luxury of depth and definition while maintaining the open feel of the room. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the balance between coziness and spaciousness in their living environment

Intimate Elegance: The 5'x7' Bohemia Marrakech Rug for Small and Inviting Spaces

A 5'x7' rug from Bohemia Marrakech is exquisitely crafted for the smaller living room, fitting snugly under a coffee table or laid out before a fireplace, creating a nook of comfort and style. This rug size allows for the placement of two cozy chairs to sit almost entirely upon it, inviting intimate conversations and relaxing moments. It's the perfect piece to add warmth and Moroccan charm to a compact space without overwhelming it.

Compact Versatility: The Bohemia Marrakech 4'x6' Rug for Modern Urban Living

For the quaint charm of an apartment-sized living room, a 4’x6’ rug from Bohemia Marrakech offers ample coverage, embracing most of the floor for a touch of Moroccan elegance. It's versatile enough to enhance larger rooms as well, ideal for positioning under a coffee table with the front legs of the couch just off the edge, providing a sense of depth and structured design to medium-sized living spaces. This rug size is a smart choice for those seeking to infuse their home with the intricate beauty and craftsmanship of a Bohemia Marrakech piece.

Accentuate with Coziness: The Bohemia Marrakech 3'x5' Rug for Charming Living Spaces

The Bohemia Marrakech 3'x5' rug serves as a delightful addition to any living space, offering just the right amount of cushioning and comfort underfoot. Its dimensions are perfect for accentuating a special nook or a focal landing spot in the room, adding an artistic touch without overwhelming the area. Whether it's placed by a favorite armchair or under a unique piece of furniture, this rug size is ideal for creating an inviting and elevated spot in your home.

Seamless Dining: Sizing Your Bohemia Marrakech Rug for a Perfect Fit

For your dining space, a rug from Bohemia Marrakech should ideally be four feet larger than your dining table dimensions to accommodate chairs without slipping off the edge when pulled out. This not only assures practicality and comfort but also infuses the room with an understated luxury, true to Bohemia Marrakech's design ethos

Large Table (8+)

A grand dining table seating eight or more is best complemented by a Bohemia Marrakech rug sized at either 9'x12' or 10'x14'. This ample sizing ensures that chairs remain on the rug even when guests are seated, allowing for comfort and stability, while also providing an elegant frame to your dining ensemble.

Medium Table (6)

When selecting a Bohemia Marrakech rug for a table set for six, the perfect fit would be either an 8'x10' or a 6'x9' rug. These dimensions allow for enough clearance around the table so that dining chairs can be pulled out and pushed back in with ease, all while remaining on the rug, ensuring a seamless and stylish dining experience.

Small Table (4)

For an intimate dining setting of four, a Bohemia Marrakech 8' Round Rug centers the table beautifully, giving ample space for chairs and movement. Alternatively, placing the table and chairs in the heart of a 6'x9' rug allows the ensemble to float elegantly within your dining space, ensuring comfort and style with every meal.

Chic Comfort: Elegant Washable Runner Rugs for Your Hallway Spaces

Our 2.5’x7’, 2.5’x10’, and 2.5'x12' washable runner rugs are the perfect functional addition to your home’s narrow corridors. Choose between the classic low-profile rug pad, or a cushioned rug pad for added comfort when you walk

Moroccan Splendor: Luxurious King Bed Rugs for an Opulent Bedroom Retreat

When selecting the ideal rug for your bedroom, consider the dimensions of your bed as a starting point. A generously sized area rug placed beneath your king bed can transform the entire look and feel of the room, serving as a stunning centerpiece. Alternatively, a smaller rug placed beside your bed adds a cozy touch and offers a plush spot for your feet to greet each morning. Whether you're aiming for dramatic flair or subtle elegance, the right rug size will elevate your bedroom's aesthetic and comfort

Moroccan Grandeur: Optimal Rug Sizes for King Beds

Embrace the opulence of Moroccan design with a 9'x12' or 10'x14' rug, the perfect companions for your king bed. These dimensions are crafted to accommodate your bed and nightstands, allowing the intricate Moroccan patterns to frame your sleeping area elegantly. With this setup, you’ll enjoy a lavish 2-foot border of exquisite, soft Moroccan rug underfoot around your bed, inviting a sense of luxury and comfort to your bedroom’s ambiance

Moroccan Charm: Ideal Rug Sizes for Queen Beds"

For a queen bed, an 8'x10' rug is an excellent choice as it encompasses both the bed and nightstands, offering a luxurious 3 feet of soft, Moroccan-style rug on each side of the bed. Alternatively, a 6'x9' rug provides a more subtle accent, with an 18-inch border on each side, perfect for those who prefer a compact look while still enjoying the plush comfort and intricate design of a Moroccan rug

Moroccan Allure: Perfect Rug Dimensions for Full Beds

A 6'x9' Moroccan rug elegantly fits under a full-sized bed, providing a unified look and a touch of exotic luxury. For an alternative arrangement, consider placing two 3'x5' rugs on either side of the bed, offering symmetrical comfort and the convenience of stepping onto a plush surface each morning and night

Moroccan Delight: Ideal Rug Sizes for Twin Beds

Whether you choose an 8'x10', 6'x9', or 5'x7' rug, each size will complement a twin bed beautifully, leaving plenty of soft, patterned Moroccan rug visible around the edges for a rich, inviting look. Alternatively, for a touch of symmetry and ease, two 3'x5' rugs or smaller placed on either side of the bed also create a perfectly balanced and cozy bedroom setting

Dual Harmony: Selecting the Ideal Rugs for Double Twin Beds

The optimal setup for double twin beds is to place a 3'x5' rug between them, creating a cohesive and comfortable space. For a more elongated look, a 2.5'x7' or 2.5'x10' runner rug laid across the middle of the beds adds elegance and practicality to the room's design.

Culinary Elegance: Moroccan Rugs to Beautify Your Kitchen Space

In selecting a Moroccan rug for your kitchen, assess the size and flow of your area. Typically, placing a rug in front of the sink maximizes functionality, providing comfort where you stand the most. Consider adding a Cushioned Rug Pad beneath your Moroccan rug for an additional level of support, transforming your culinary space into a haven of comfort and style.

Spacious Splendor: Choosing Moroccan Rugs for Large Kitchens

For expansive kitchens boasting 200 sq. ft. or more, a 5'x7' Moroccan rug offers a luxurious touch and ample coverage. If your kitchen features an island, consider situating a 3'x5', 4'x6', or 5'x7' rug—or a stylish runner—on one or both sides of the island to enhance your space with warmth and color.

Cozy Chic: Moroccan Rug Selection for Medium-Sized Kitchens

In a medium kitchen space ranging from 100 to 200 square feet, the layout is key in selecting the perfect rug. A smaller Moroccan rug, such as a 3'x5' or 4'x6', can beautifully accent the area while maintaining the room’s proportions. A runner rug placed in front of the sink also provides a practical and stylish solution, adding a touch of Moroccan flair without overwhelming the space

Intimate Infusion: Moroccan Rugs for Small Kitchen Spaces

In a small kitchen, where space is at a premium and every inch counts, consider a 2'x3' or 3'x5' Moroccan rug placed thoughtfully in front of the sink. This will add a splash of style and a layer of comfort without overcrowding your space, ensuring your kitchen remains a visually clean and uncluttered area

Sleek Sophistication: Moroccan Runners for Long or Galley Kitchens

In the elongated elegance of a long, galley-style kitchen, runner rugs such as the 2.5’x7’, 2.5’x10’, or 2.5'x12' are ideal, especially along the side with the sink to cushion the footsteps of daily use. In more narrow configurations, a runner placed down the center of the kitchen can create a sense of length and open space, complementing the linear nature of the room with a touch of Moroccan artistry.

Bohemian Marrakech: Crafting a Vibrant Outdoor Space with Moroccan Rugs"

Transform your outdoor living areas into an extension of your home’s interior with the practicality of machine-washable Moroccan rugs. When selecting a rug for your patio, deck, or porch, use your furniture arrangement and the area’s dimensions as your blueprint. For an aesthetically pleasing setup, aim to leave 12-24 inches of bare floor space around the perimeter of your rug, framing your outdoor sanctuary with precision and style

Spacious Allure: Bohemian Marrakech Rugs for Expansive Outdoor Areas"

To create a cohesive and inviting outdoor living or dining area on more spacious patios and decks, select a sizeable Moroccan rug in dimensions such as 5'x7', 6'x9', 8'x10', or 9'x12'. It's essential to choose a rug that is generously proportioned to not only accommodate but also to frame and accentuate the key pieces of your outdoor furniture, anchoring your Bohemian Marrakech theme with both function and flair

Inviting Thresholds: Moroccan Rugs for Entryways and Compact Outdoor Nooks

In the limited quarters of a cozy entryway or a compact outdoor nook, a 3'x5' Moroccan rug can provide a welcoming foundation under a small patio table with two chairs, creating an intimate conversation spot. For an uncluttered and efficient touch, a 2'x3' Moroccan doormat at your doorstep offers both charm and functionality, making every entrance and exit a little more special.