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5 Creative Upcycling Ideas with Moroccan Rugs & Decor

The beauty of Moroccan design lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its versatility. From worn-out rugs to spare decor pieces, there’s so much potential to transform them into something fresh and exciting. Here are some creative upcycling ideas to inspire your next project.

1. Moroccan Rug Wall Art:


  • Choose a rug with a vibrant pattern and colors.
  • Attach a sturdy rod or dowel to the top end.
  • Hang it up as a stunning tapestry, adding texture and warmth to your walls.

2. Furniture Upholstery:


  • Take an old stool, bench, or chair that needs a facelift.
  • Use sections of a Moroccan rug or cushion covers as the new upholstery fabric.
  • Secure tightly and enjoy your newly transformed furniture piece.

3. Boho Pillow Covers:


  • Cut out sections from an old rug, ensuring patterns align.
  • Sew them into beautiful pillow covers.
  • Fill with cushion stuffing and display on sofas, chairs, or beds for a bohemian touch.

4. Moroccan Lanterns from Old Jars:


  • Take clear glass jars and clean thoroughly.
  • Paint with translucent paint in Moroccan shades like turquoise, gold, or ruby.
  • Draw or stencil Moroccan patterns on the outer surface.
  • Place a candle inside and enjoy the ambient glow.

5. Moroccan Mosaic Planters:


  • Collect broken pieces of Moroccan tiles or plates.
  • Use them to create a mosaic pattern on plain plant pots or containers.
  • Seal with a clear sealant to ensure longevity.

Conclusion: Moroccan decor embodies a rich tradition and vibrant color palette. With a bit of creativity, old or worn-out pieces can be given a new life, infusing your space with character and style. Dive into these upcycling projects and let the Moroccan magic unfold in your home!

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