Beni Ourain Dots Rug – Moroccan Handmade Rug


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Bring the beauty of Morocco into your home with this handmade Beni Ourain rug. Whether in your living room, bedroom, or hallway, this flat-weave rug will add a sense of adventure and tradition to your space. Featuring traditional Moroccan motifs, each rug is handmade by Berber women artisans and hand-dyed with natural dyes. As a unique treasure from Morocco, your rug will also share the artisan’s story.

To acquire this jewel, we travelled the rugged mountains of the Moroccan Middle Atlas, by car, on foot and on mule. A jewel created by this Berber craftswoman, heir to a thousand-year-old tradition dating back to the Paleolithic era, protected and passed down through generations from mother to daughter.

This woman cannot write with a pen, but writes with her hands. Months to create this exceptional piece. She tells her story, her daily inspirations, maternity, family, village, love, nature…

This artist and craftswoman collected her wool from the villages of the Middle Atlas, very soft and extra-virgin from a breed of sheep in the region. She then washed her wool in the river with the help of saponaria plants. The wool is exposed under the stars for a whole night in order to ward off the evil eye according to the ancestral Berber tradition.

After spinning the wool, this Berber artist prepares her loom in order to start creating her precious story with passion.


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