Beni ourain Authentic Moroccan Rug


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These beautiful rugs have the ability to connect traditions from Morocco with modern day interior decor to create spaces that are truly breath-taking.

Beni Ourain rug, the origin of the name come from a small tribe in the Middle Atlas Mountain in the region of Taza. A small tribe called Beni Ourain, it’s known for the good quality of the sheep, that what makes their rugs made from best quality of natural wool.

These beautiful rugs connect traditions from Morocco with modern day interior decor to create spaces that are truly breath-taking. Originally, they were mostly used as beds and blankets for the cooler months and made exclusively by the Beni Ourain tribal women in cooperatives to help their families with life expenses, these women’s lifestyles are creatively woven into the production process, it can be natural occurrences, aspects of daily living, and designs around fertility, feminists, birth, and nature.
The hints of henna, indigo, saffron and madder root dyes that make their way into the rug’s motifs and fringes have their own tale to tell. In Berber culture red represents strength and protection, blue wisdom, yellow eternity, and green peace.

Beni Ourain rugs are made of the best sheep’s wool, which undoubtedly has a very pleasant texture for your feet to walk on or your young children to play on. These rugs are thick and are designed to be long durable, so they are perfect rugs for your family. In addition to their outstanding quality all Beni Ourain rugs share a signature style with geometric designs. It’s a classic design for any room. You can expect to see dark brown lines and shapes on a white or cream background. You’ll also see Berber symbols. Each of our artisans weaves the story of her life into the rug, therefor there are no two Beni Ourain rugs alike, it truly connects the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors which create a combination of minimalism and handmade detail.

This rug carries with it a genuine part of Moroccan Heritage into your living room.


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