Bohemia Marrakech marketplace works very closely with experienced and skillful artists that understand the Moroccan heritage and culture. Bohemia Marrakech aims to showcase craftsmanship and showcase their creations to the entire world. Bohemia Marrakech also empowers women to showcase their creations and crafts through our channel. Bohemia Marrakech’s rugs and baskets are hand-woven by women from Morocco with intricate designs and vibrant colours. The products are custom made, so no two bags or rugs are the same. Happy shopping!


You may find the industry of rugs intimidating. Most of us are amateurs when it comes to assessing the quality or the wear time of a carpet. However, the rugs and carpets connoisseurs agree there must be published guidelines mentioning the style and qualities of rugs.

One particular style of such carpets is Moroccan rugs. Firstly, they are weaved with history and culture. The rugs are very identifiable with their pattern and colour combination. Sometimes rugs also represent particular tribes and their heritage.

Moroccan rugs are also very thick to withstand the frigid climate. The rugs with thin and flatweaves are made for use in desserts, particularly in the Sahara desert. Sometimes these rugs also protect the inhabitants in cold temperatures as these are weaved from pure wool to provide warmth.

The most dominant feature of these rugs is the colour and pattern combination. No two rugs will ever be alike as they are hand-woven by the women in the tribes. They use cultural-appropriate colours with symbolic and personal languages embodied in the weaving. The rugs are also knotted to provide stories of the people who have woven them. These rugs are filled with culture and richness in colour while balancing delicate designs.


Now those who have never heard this term may be wondering what a Moroccan Pouf is. Unless you are an interior designer, this may be a foreign term to you. Moroccan Poufs is accent furniture that provides décor to your home but is entirely functional as well. Moroccan Pouf is round in shape and highly comfortable to sit or rest your feet on.

When it comes to building original poufs, they were constructed using camel hairs. They are very firm inbuilt and carry tremendous density. Nowadays, these poufs come filled with organic material that does not harm the environment.

There are many ways you can use these Moroccan Poufs. Foremost, they can be used as means of additional searing. Ann idle pouf will provide seats during family gatherings while looking pleasing as corner room décor. It will also provide colour to accentuate the already pleasing aesthetic of the room. Poufs also make a reliable footrest when it is time to rest after work and spoil yourself with tea. Poufs also make a great table as a nightstand or simply an end table. This standout compared to the traditional tables with dull four corners.


We all want our house or apartments to look the best. We want it to look unique and welcoming without making it look uncomfortable. Bohemian décor is your answer. Adding particular elements to your living spaces will make the room look sophisticated. Bohemian décor takes its inspiration with Moroccan traditions of lush and vibrant colours with throw pillows and Persian blends.

Layering is the secret to achieving a blend of bohemian décor. It involves rugs, throws, and poufs. You can even layer rugs to colour the room, which will surely be a rich statement.

Moroccan décor uses accessories such as plants, lighting, and mirrors. This is also found in bohemian décor as the geometric shapes and stained glasses provide an eye-captivating look to the room. Mirrors make the room larger and brighter than it actually is. It also adds glamour to your everyday room without breaking the bank.

Bohemian and Moroccan décor also encircles warm, welcoming guests. These can be achieved by choosing appropriate candles, incense, or diffusers. These scents carry spics such as nutmeg, saffron, and cinnamon. You can also try jasmine, oakmoss, clove, rose, or sandalwood incent to add authenticity to the bohemian décor.


Now you may be wondering what is so special about these baskets. They must be average straw bags. Bohemia Marrakech offers French market baskets, beach market baskets, palm leaf market baskets, and farmer’s market baskets. These straw bags will help you during shopping trips, trips to beaches, or simply a night out on the town. These straw bags are woven with entirely biodegradable material by the women artists living in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These bags are embellished with sequins and leather handles sewn and arranged by hand to provide a complete excessive look.

These straw bags are traditionally constructed with wicker and end with a long strap. These can be discovered in numerous silhouettes across marketplaces and online. Some mimic purses, while others look like ordinary baskets. As mentioned earlier, these baskets are extremely diversified in use. They can be used as a tote when travelling or carrying beach products when it’s time to tan. These come in numerous shapes as well. An adjustable cross-body straw bag combines with practicality. These are small in size and carry petty cash change or your phone.  The French basket is a lightweight alternative, but do not be fooled, though! This bag is durable and carries items tenfold its weight.


Bohemia Marrakech marketplace ships products worldwide. All orders are transported to their destinations by FEDEX, DHL, or ARAMEX. It takes three to seven days for your order to arrive. This does not factor in the modes of transit. The products are only shipped during the weekdays, so we appreciate the cooperation and waiting to receive your package.

Bohemia Marrakech marketplace also offers the option to return your purchase. Whether you are dissatisfied with the purchase or simply unhappy about it, we offer a return with a complete refund. You can also exchange depending on the nature of the product. The products can only be returned within the initial seven days of delivery.